South Road Fields

The South Road Fields are 12.5 acres of open grasslands just off the center of town. Klaus and Andrea Kater placed a Conservation Restriction on this property before selling a portion of it to the town. The portion of fields nearer the Common are privately owned, while the fields beyond the swale are owned by the Town. These two fields adjacent to the cemetery provide a pastoral view of the Town Common and surrounding area. Additionally they contain a unique habitat for grassland birds including Bobolinks and various native sparrow species. Although this habitat is available in other parts of town, the common practice of mowing early in the season prevents these birds from nesting in many hayfields. The South Road Fields are maintained for both hay and wildlife habitat by restricting the first cut to later in the summer.

Size: 12.5 acres

Directions: From The Ashby Common head south on South Road one third of a mile on left.

Parking: Along the side of South Road on the same side as the fields, off the road.