Duck Derby

The Ashby Land Trust Duck Derby is held annually and is a major source of our funding.

We encourage you to buy a ticket (or five!) for a rubber duck and participate in this fun event. You will be providing needed support for the Ashby Land Trust and have a chance to win a number of great prizes from our sponsors, who we very much appreciate.

The Duck Derby is held at Damon Pond State Park in the spring. A large flock of numbered rubber ducks are released into Willard Brook and make their way downstream. The race is held in numerous heats and prizes are awarded to the fastest and slowest ducks and various other categories. A large crew assists in releasing, shepherding, and capturing the ducks, and keeping track of the winners. A good time is had by all. Click on the link below to watch a movie of the 2020 Duck Derby

Click here to Watch The 2020 Duck Derby Full Movie

The water is high, the current racing
Down the rapids and into Damon Pond
700 little ducks are raring to go

But Oh No! There’s an emergency
We have to stay safe and far from each other
The State Parks are closed; our race permit revoked.

700 little ducks have been training for a year –
Their disappointment is great
We all shed a tear

But wait – we have a solution
We will hold a virtual race with lots of excitement
Rapids and waterfalls and prizes and all

We’ll film it with cameras and show it to you soon
It will be a bit late, but never fear –
The 2020 Quarantine Duck Derby is near!