Who We Are

If you live in Ashby, we are your neighbors. We’ve been teaching about conservation and preserving land since 1998. We welcome your participation in helping preserve the natural resources and rural character of town.

The Ashby Land Trust, Inc. is a nationally accredited 501(c)(3) non-profit land preservation organization. The Land Trust was founded in 1998 by a group of residents of Ashby who recognized the need to have a private, non-profit land preservation organization in town.

Land Preservation

We strive to maintain the rural character of Ashby through land acquisitions and conservation restrictions to further both conservation and agricultural endeavors. We also provide technical assistance to landowners wishing to protect their land. It is a practice of the ALT to act as a facilitator in private/public partnerships, where we assist in the protection of land without becoming owners or conservation holders. We have acted as an intermediary between buyer and seller, raised money to help cover cost differences between the landowner's wishes and the limits of state funding, and worked with other regional conservation organizations to aid preservation efforts in Ashby.

Since our incorporation in 1999, we have helped to preserve nearly 1600 acres of land in town.


We demonstrate our commitment to education, for both adults and children, with useful, timely, and engaging free and low-cost programs. We encourage outdoor pursuits, a love of nature and connection with the community. We lead wilderness hikes throughout town in all seasons, to showcase the beauty and diversity of our open spaces.


We take our stewardship responsibilities seriously. We hold conservation restrictions on five parcels of land totaling 247 acres, and own one parcel of 5 wet acres. All parcels are formally monitored annually.


Volunteer leaders conduct all business and manage the fundraising. We have no paid staff, and welcome new volunteers. If you would like to participate in stewardship activities, fundraising and outreach, or governance, please contact us at info@ashbylandtrust.org.

Our funding comes from membership dues, private contributions, and foundations.

Contributions to the Ashby Land Trust, Inc. are tax-deductible.